Tips on reducing Your Travel Costs

Most of us travel for one reason or another. It might be that we travel to work, travel to see friends and family or travel to go on holiday. Most of us will use a form of transport whether that is a bike, car, bus, train, boat or plane. The costs of these do vary depending on which you use, but there may be ways that you can cut down how much you are spending on them. This can be very useful as it will mean that you have money available to spend on other things. This could be things like repaying your short term loans, adding to your savings or just finding it easier to make ends meet. It might be the case that you can reduce what you are paying by a significant amount and this might even be by doing things which are pretty easy and straightforward so it is worth giving them a try.

Travel smaller distances

It can sound obvious and you might wonder how you can achieve this. It will not be possible to travel less of a distance to work but you might be able to travel less for other things. If you are going to see people that live far away, you could arrange to meet half way instead and then you will both travel half the distance and that will make it cheaper for you. For holidays you could holiday in closer places and then you will not need to pay out so much for travelling.

Use cheaper forms of transport

There are often different options for getting to different places. It is worth looking at the cost of them to see how they compare. You may think that you must be using the cheapest one, but you could be surprised. It is worth doing a cost comparison every so often as you may be surprised at how much you could potentially save. It may depend on the time that you travel, if you pay for multiple journeys in one go, book in advance or things like this. For trains, you can save significant amounts of money by booking in advance or using a season ticket. With buses of you travel outside of peak times and buy multiple journeys at once you save money.

If you are using a car then it is wise to look at the price of fuel and think about whether you can get it cheaper elsewhere. You may always go to a certain place to fill up but this could mean that you will be paying a lot more than necessary. Just check out some prices locally (you may find there is a website online where you can do this) and you will be able to check. Even a small difference in price can add up to making a really big difference over the course of a year.

Make journeys more efficient

When you are out then think about whether you can visit multiple places at once. So, if you are in the car and are driving past a supermarket on your way home form work then shop on the way home rather than going home and driving back to it later. You can do the same thing if you get the bus or train to work and shop near to work so you don’t have to get a different bus or train to shop on another occasion.

Move closer to where you need to go

It is a good idea to consider whether it might be wise to move nearer to the places that you visit the most often. This will allow you to spend a lot less on travelling there. It might be that you have a long commute to work and if you were a bit closer you could save a lot of money. If your family live far away then perhaps moving closer could help you to spend less on travel.

Drive more efficiently

If you drive a lot then try to make your driving more fuel efficient. Start by making sure you are not carrying unnecessary weight in the car such as a roof rack or things in the boot. Try to drive at an efficient speed and do not accelerate too quickly to save fuel. If you are stopped in traffic switch off the engine.

Some of these ideas might seem rather extreme. However, if you really need to reduce the cost of travel, perhaps because you are having to borrow money to pay for it in the form of a loan, are struggling to pay for other things or just want some more money to save, then trying one of these could make a difference to that. Even doing a few of the things to a small extent could make some difference. You may only need to make a small difference anyway and so this could be helpful for you.

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